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Dhyanse Meditation

The world’s most individual and discreet addiction and mental health clinic, with more than 15 doctors and therapists focusing exclusively on one client at a time. Two centres, in Switzerland and the UK, where teams of acclaimed experts secure your recovery. Offering private and luxurious residences that will serve as a home from home.

Design Process

Our website design process prioritises CRO practices to ensure high conversion rates. 


We hold client calls to craft a website design strategy tailored to your unique buyer persona, ensuring a more effective online presence and bringing conversions.


To create a user-friendly layout, we start our website design process with wireframing, which is followed by refining a high-fidelity version based on your feedback.


After design approval, we develop your website using WordPress and Elementor Pro, following the best WordPress standards to create visually appealing, fast, and secure websites.

Quality assurance

Before handing over the website to you, we pay close attention to quality assurance, performing extensive testing to ensure all features and functionalities are working perfectly, resulting in a seamless and satisfying user experience.


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About the project

Webbco Creatives worked closely with Dhyanse to ensure that their website effectively communicates the benefits of their meditation practices and the unique value they provide to their customers. Using WordPress and Elementor Pro, we were able to create a visually stunning and highly functional website that delivers an exceptional user experience. From custom page layouts to streamlined navigation, every aspect of the site was designed with the user in mind, resulting in a website that is both informative and enjoyable to use.

What Can You Expect?

We provide scalable web development solutions, which means that they can grow and adapt as your business evolves. Whether you need a simple website or a complex web application, we can build a solution that meets your current and future needs.

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Client’s Feedback!

I have received an extremely well-designed meditation website thanks to Webbco!
Dhyanse . CEO

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